Starting first website - from idea to profits

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In this tutorial I will try to show You how to start first website. From idea, hosting, domain, by design, coding to profits.

Have You ever tried to make a website? Maybe You think that this is verry hard thing? Not at all! You only have to use Your imagination and think about what You're doing.

First thing: Idea
In my opinion it's most important thing. Few years ago everything was new, and there was no problem to make something that is innovative. For example - simple search engine after few years became a GIANT! Now we can only make something better than others - something old but in new innovative form.
It's important to make a site about something that You know well or at least like it. That will make Your content better. On this level You may think about Your name/brand. That will help You in...

Second step: Domain name
It should be short (as possible), easy to remember and catchy. Don't think only about keyword rich domain - it's not the point. For example - yahoo, google, msn ... none of those are regular words. My domain ( is "word game" which contains keyword "web".
If You know what domain name You want to get, You have to register it. You need to pick good domain registrar with nice support and good prices. You can find lot of them on the internet.

Third: Hosting
When You get your domain name, you have to park it somewhere. There are a lot hosting companies out there. You have to decide how much You willing to pay for hosting, how much space do You need, and how much bandwitch You will use ... It's hard to calculate it correctly, that's why the best hosting companies are those which give You oportunity to pay monthly. If You see that space/bandwitch is too smal - just change host company or pick better hosting plan.

I'm trying Hawk Host shared hosting plan now. For a fair price You will get enaught space and bandwith for your startup. It has good opinions on, and those people know what they saying.

You can check their offer here: GO TO HAWK HOST

Fourth thing: Design, Code and content
You have idea, domain name and web space, now You have to make Your site alive.
If You don't know much about web design or code (xHTML/CSS/PHP) than You may use ready free or paid templates and CMS (Content Managment Systems) like Joomla. That will speed up Your work.
You may also make Your site from scratch. You will need graphic program (like Photoshop or GIMP) and xHTML/CSS and maybe PHP skills. There are a lot of tutorials about web design, eveon on my site You can find Web Related Tutorials.
After You have Your desing done, You have to fill your empty page with content. Remember - Content is the King. Interesting content will give You a lot of visitors and this is the key for...

Fifth, last step: Earning/Profits
If Your site is nice, have traffic then You may think about getting profits from it. In my opinion, best way to do that is AdSense (You may read about AdSense in my Earn on Your website - AdSense Basics, advices and Tips tutorial). There are a lot of other systems like yahoo publisher or bidvertiser. It's Your choise, but for me AdSense is the best. It's free then why not to give it a try?

Before I end this tutorial...
Now You know some basics. You may start to make Your own webpage. If You want to practice, You don't have to pay for Your hosting or domain. Just use some free hosts which will give You web space and free name (subdomain). I can recommend two such hostings: and Both are post for host but this is not a problem, just few posts/month (frihost) or ten posts for lifetime host ( first package). When You learn something, You may park domain name on those hosts as well, and when You will be ready - You may pick paid hosting.




It is nice to read and useful for me. Thanks a lot.



Not trying to be mean here but try to work on your English. Maybe a friend can check it for you or put it through a spellchecker. With kind regards,



Cool guide man. Thanks! You teh best.



my first web



thanks for help full tips...



its excellent..can follow it easily..

nice job


off to a good start - just needs polishing...

open source


Basic tutorial. You didn't mention a domain registrar neither a paid hosting but you did it with CMS. It's not fair for the people behind professional CMS like Xoops or Drupal, xaraya, moodle.



Excuse me... Keywords in the domain are extremely important. So that believe this likely don't have high ranking sites! Simply amazing!

A catchy domain name is almost useless. People you search engines to find things. We web stats should shows how few people find you by entering your url.



Thank you, this really was a big help...




I get new information from this site .e.g. AdSense .
Thank you.

Clipping Path


interesting stuff friend... keep up :-)

Clipping Path


wow .. interessante ting .. holde op :-)



very good tutorial...some ideas about first website could be appreciable.



You may pick paid hosting.


If You want to practice, You don't have to pay for Your hosting or domain. Just use some free hosts which will give You web space and free name (subdomain).


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